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OryxJackpot is proud to announce the End of 2020 event! Players will participate in special duels to win medals, and attempt to rack up the biggest score! The top players will receive great prizes such as items, exclusive profile pictures, Steam© Games, and more!


The event will last from December 29 1AM to January 8 1AM. Times are in EST.

Participate in this event by playing in the Event Duel! In the Event Duel, players can choose to duel one of three CPU enemies of increasing difficulty and entry fee. You will win Medals by winning these Event Duels. There are three types of medals each with different values and score.

  • The Bronze Medal is worth 500F and is worth 1 point.
  • The Silver Medal is worth 5000F and is worth 10 points. You will find that obtaining a Silver Medal is fairly difficult.
  • The Gold Medal is worth 50000F and is worth 100 points. You will find that obtaining a Gold Medal is extremely difficult.

Your standing in this event will be the sum of all points from the medals you keep in your inventory. You may choose to wager the medals away, but this will affect your score if you lose them. Conversely, your alternate way of participating in this event is by winning medals from other players that wager them.

Who are you dueling with in the Event Duel? Opponents in the Event Duel will be a CPU whose actions are predetermined by a hash. If you wish to know more about how this works, please read further down for the nitty gritty details, which may bore the majority of you. When facing any of the opponents, some rules will be the same and some will be different depending on the opponent you choose to duel.

Rules that are the same regardless of opponent

  • Maximum 30 rounds
  • Maximum 30 seconds each round
  • No AFKing! If you do not complete your attack-hide choices in a round, you will lose 1 life automatically and the opponent will not lose any lives.
  • No cowardice! These Event Duels cannot be cancelled once the room is made.
  • No Ties! Whenever the Event Duel would normally end in a tie in a regular Duel, the win will be given to the opponent. This means you must decisively win the Event Duel for it to be recognized as a win.

Rules that differ depending on your opponent

  • The first opponent is the Arena Challenger. It has 6 lives while you have 4 lives. You must wager at least 500F to face this opponent, there is no bonus for going over. The prize for winning is 1 Bronze Medal, 5 Picture Frames, and 8 Life pots.
  • The second opponent is the Arena Master. It has 7 lives while you have 3 lives. You must wager at least 3500F to face this opponent, there is no bonus for going over. The prize for winning is 1 Silver Medal, 2 Bronze Medals, 25 Picture Frames, 3 Soulless Robes and 2 Shendyts.
  • The third (and final) opponent is the Grand Champion. It has 8 lives while you have 2 lives. You must wager at least 20000F to face this opponent, there is no bonus for going over. The prize for winning is 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, 5 Bronze Medals, 100 Picture Frames, 100 Pixies, 50 Etherites, and 10 Skeleton Warriors.

You can only participate in Event Duels while the Event is active. You can wager up to 300 items.

Scoring and Ties

As you have seen, there is a leaderboard that updates every minute. The leaderboard will tell you the placings of everyone partipating in the event, which are players with at least a score of 1. If two players have the same score, then while the leaderboards assigns them a different placing, they will have the same placing after the event is over. If too many people tie for a certain placement eligible for prizes, then tie-breaker duels will be organized between the tie-holders to determine who wins the prizes. For example, if two people tie for 1st place, then a tie-breaker duel will be held between them where the winner is the true 1st place holder while the loser is the 2nd place holder. In a more complicated scenario, if there is a ten-way tie for 3rd place, then duels will be chosen between random people to resolve all ties. Two random players will be picked to duel for "last place" of the tie. This will repeat until every player is assigned a distinct placement. Each tie-breaker duel will be played using the Rogue setting. If you have any issues or concerns with the process of resolving placement ties, then please open a ticket with your concerns.


We have many prizes to offer! We offer three categories of prizes: Placement prizes, Score prizes, and Participation Prizes. Placement prizes are given out in the obvious way, pending all necessary tie-breakers. Score prizes are prizes that is automatically given for keeping medals in your inventory, and will be given on top of any placement prizes. Participation prizes are randomly given to users with equal chance. The two requirements to be eligible to win a Participation prize is to keep at least 1 point and to be placed lower than 5th place.

Placement prizes

  • 1st place: 12000KK, 1 year of White Rank, exclusive Profile Picture, Anything on Steam worth $30 USD AND a Steam Game from the list, 2 RealmStock Key accounts
  • 2nd place: 8000KK, 6 months of White Rank, exclusive Profile Picture, Anything on Steam worth $20 USD AND a Steam Game from the list, 2 RealmStock Key accounts
  • 3rd place: 6000KK, 6 months of White Rank, exclusive Profile Picture, Anything on Steam worth $20 USD OR a Steam Game from the list, 1 RealmStock Key account
  • 4th - 5th place: 4000KK, 3 months of White Rank, exclusive Profile Picture, A Steam Game from the list, 1 RealmStock Key account
  • 6th - 10th place: 4000KK, 2 months of White Rank, exclusive Profile Picture.
  • 11th - 20th place: 2000KK, 1 month of White Rank.
  • 21st - 40th place: 1000KK, 1 month of Cyan Rank.

Score prizes

  • For every point kept: An arrangement of items worth at least 500F, and 5KK.
  • 100 points milestone bonus: 1 month of Cyan Rank, 1000KK.
  • 10 points milestone bonus: 2 weeks of Cyan Rank, 500KK.

Participation prizes

  • 1 Random winner: An arrangement of items worth at least 10000F, 500KK, 1 month of Purple Rank, a Steam Game from the list, and 1 RealmStock Key account
  • 5 Random winners: An arrangement of items worth at least 2000F, 200KK, 1 month of Purple Rank, and 1 RealmStock Key account
  • 12 Random winners: An arrangement of items worth at least 500F, 100KK, and 2 weeks of Purple Rank.
  • 25 Random winners: An arrangement of items worth at least 100F, and 1 week of Purple Rank.

Item prizes will be chosen and given by OryxJackpot, there are no guarantees as to what items they will be. The exclusive Profile Picture to be won is this: which will be the first GIF profile picture. This profile picture may be made available in future events, but it will not be for purchase for at least 2 years (not that we ever intend to sell it). The list of Steam games can be found here. Since each Steam game has a stock of 1, the higher placed players gets to pick their game before lower placed players. RealmStock Key accounts will be chosen by OryxJackpot, there are no guarantees as to what key type they will be. Each Key account consists of 16 keys of the same type.

Other Stuff

Many KK Packs will be made available during the Event period. Of course, no pack will offer medals. Free items will also be made available in forms of packs or codes. Make sure to check out the OryxJackpot twitter account and RotmgTroller streams for codes! Some codes may require that you be a new player, other codes may require that you be a non-new player. It will be made known if a certain code is for new or non-new players when they are given out.

You might obtain an Event Token. Event Tokens cannot be used or wagered anywhere EXCEPT to challenge opponents in Event Duels. They are worth 500F and no points each. Use them to put yourself on the leaderboard!

Nitty Gritty Details

How are the CPU actions decided? Regardless of difficulty, there will be a maximum of 30 rounds, and each round has 9 possibilities. Therefore, the total number of Event Duel possibilities is exactly 930. We generate a hash like any other gamemode, then parse the entire hash into a decimal number. The appropriate modulo is taken so it is one of the 930 possibilities. Then for simplicity, we convert it to base 9 so the entire number is 30 digits from 0 to 8. Then each number is mapped to a distinct attack-hide permutation. Hashes for this special gamemode can be found in the /hashes page, but the master hash will be hidden if any of its hashes are still in play. Similarly, any hashes that are still in play will be hidden. This is done to prevent any form of cheating.

No tax will be taken from Event Duel games.

After the Event, Event Tokens and Event Medals will no longer be wagerable anywhere. Shortly afterwards, all medals and tokens will be removed from the site. There will not be any bonus for keeping Event Tokens, they will be removed and not be converted into wagerable items. Medals on the other hand, will be converted into items at our chosing. Please refer back to the Prizes section to see what you will receive per point.

The Prize Redemption period will take place during the entirety of January, any prizes not claimed by the end of January will be forfeit. The method to claim your prize will be given later on during the event. However, we may require that you submit a support ticket to claim any prizes. In fact, top prize winners where the user wins a RealmStock Key Account or a Steam product must submit a ticket to claim their prizes.

Players that are found to be in breach of the rules or Terms of Service may be disqualified from the event. If a player is permanently banned or temporarily banned for longer than 7 days as a result of a severe offense, then they will be disqualified from the event and all medals will be revoked from their inventory. If a player is temporarily banned for at most 7 days, then they will not be disqualified from the event.

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Tickets are a formal communication channel between you and the staff. Please give up to 48 hours for a reply. You are limited to 3 messages within 20 minutes to prevent spam. Please keep the tickets related to one issue at a time. If you encounter another problem, please submit a new ticket instead of replying to an older one.

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