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You have successfully withdrawn some items! Here are your RotMG mule logins:
The items have been taken out of your inventory.
You can also access this information again in your profile overview; in the Withdrawals tab.
Please secure your items, this mule will be used for future deposits.
NOTE: You are not allowed to change the password! Mules with incorrect passwords will be immediately rescinded.
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If you submitted a support ticket, you can use your ticket ID to check on the status of your ticket anytime.

Note: If you were logged in when you created your ticket, you must be logged into that account to be able to view your ticket status.

Tickets are a formal communication channel between you and the staff. Please give up to 48 hours for a reply. You are limited to 3 messages within 20 minutes to prevent spam. Please keep the tickets related to one issue at a time. If you encounter another problem, please submit a new ticket instead of replying to an older one.

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× Report Mule Warning

If you report this mule as broken, you will lose access to it and any items already inside the mule if it is broken. Please take back all items before you report the mule as broken. If you are unable to login to take the items back, please save the mule's email and password before reporting it, and then submit a support ticket so we can help recover your items.

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Make sure nothing is in the vault! Due to the recent RotMG update, we are unable to scan what is inside the vault. All items inside the vault will be lost.

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We were able to successfully find mules that satisfy your withdrawal, here is the list of mules that you would be getting:
If you are okay with this, please click the button to complete your withdrawal.
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We were not able to find mules that completely satisfy your withdrawal, here is the list of items we were unable to fulfill.
We suggest removing these items from your withdrawal cart and then rescanning your withdrawal cart.